Q:  Do you have free shipping?

A:  Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer free shipping.


Q:  If I order the product today, when will the item ship?

A:  We typically ship items within 1-3 business days, excluding holidays.


Q:  Will the TDS10206-5 cover fit my unit if it is a 10x20 Universal Canopy?

A:  Yes, our TDS10206-5 covers are designed to fit both the Universal 10x20 and the Hercules 10x20. And this is true for all colors of the TDS1020 cover.


Q:  Do the ball bungees come with the cover?

A:  At this time, the ball bungees do not come with the covers, so the ball bungees should be ordered separately.


Q:  Do your covers only fit your units?

A:  Yes, our covers are designed specifically for the King Canopy frames that we offer.


Q:  Can I add pipes to make my unit taller?

A:  We do not advise that any unit is made taller than the designed specifications. Making a unit taller can create an unstable unit and could possibly void the warranty.


Q:  Do I need 2 people to set up the units?

A:  We do suggest a minimum of 2 people to set up units. However, many of our units can easily be assembled with just one person.


Q:  How do I measure the width, length and height of my canopy?

A:  The width is measured from outside to outside edge at the corner 3-way fitting at the top of the leg pipe. The length is measured the sam e way. The height is measured from the ground to the top edge of the fitting at the peak. Side height is measured from the ground to the top edge of the 3-way fitting  where the horizontal bar attaches to the fitting.


Q:  How do I measure the size of my pipe?

A:  The diameter is measured by measuring across the open end of the pipe across the center from the outside to outside edge. The length is measured from outside to outside along the entire length of the pipe.


Q:  Is my canopy in compliance with HOA, Local Ordinances and Building Codes?

A:  Please check with your local building and zoning ordinances, covenants and especially with your HOA.


Q:  Are the canopies wind rated?

A:  Our canopies are not meant to be left up when the wind gusts are over 20mph.  These canopies are meant for temporary shelter and need to be anchored with anchor kits if left up for extended periods of time. If severe weather is anticipated it is recommended that the cover be removed to prevent it from being damaged.


Q:  Does the warranty cover weather related incidents?

A:  The warranty only covers factory defects and premature failure of components for a period of 1 year. Weather related or damage caused by the end user are not covered.


Q:  Are tools required to assemble my canopy?

A:  Tools are not required for most of our canopies. Some units require a wrench or pliers to tighten clamps. A rubber mallet may be needed on occasion to tap fittings in place or during disassembly.


Q:  How can I tell the difference between a Festival Pop Up and a Tuff Tent Pop Up?

A:  The Festival is made of steel and the Tuff Tent is aluminum. The Festival truss bars also have a smooth finish. The truss bars on the Tuff Tent have two horizontal grooves along the length of the truss bar.


Q:  Why can't I select a shipping method when I am checking out?

A:  Please check or uncheck the residential box and then you should be able to select the shipping.  Due to the zip code, the system is not recognizing this information the same as you have entered.  If you are attempting to purchase a larger unit it might have to be shipped via LTL pallet. If you have any additional issues please contact us.