Q:  Do you have free shipping?

A:  Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer free shipping.


Q:  If I order the product today, when will the item ship?

A:  We typically ship items within 1-3 business days, excluding holidays.


Q:  Will the TDS10206-5 cover fit my unit if it is a 10x20 Universal Canopy?

A:  Yes, our TDS10206-5 covers are designed to fit both the Universal 10x20 and the Hercules 10x20. And this is true for all colors of the TDS1020 cover.


Q:  Do the ball bungees come with the cover?

A:  At this time, the ball bungees do not come with the covers, so the ball bungees should be ordered separately.


Q:  Do your covers only fit your units?

A:  That is correct. Our covers are designed specifically for the King Canopy frames that we offer.


Q:  Can I add pipes to make my unit taller?

A:  We do not advise that any unit is made taller than the designed specifications. Making a unit taller can create an unstable unit and could possibly void the warranty.


Q:  Do I need 2 people to set up the units?

A:  We do suggest a minimum of 2 people to set up units. However, many of our units can easily be assembled with just one person.