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Missing/Defective Parts
We try our best to eliminate any defective parts that are shipped with our products. Carefully inspect all packages upon arrival and report any missing or defective items upon receipt. Any discrepancies must be reported to King Canopy within 30 days of purchase. Please be sure to take a few minutes to match all items in the box to the items on the product manual. If there should be any missing or defective items, we will ship them free of charge. You will need to e-mail information@kingcanopy.com with proof of purchase showing the date of your purchase and photos of the defective part. Your replacement will be shipped free of charge by ground shipping. Next day or express shipping will require freight collect and paid for by you. Damages from improper anchoring, strong winds, snow, ice, or rain are not considered defects.

1 Year Limited Warranty
All of our canopy components feature a 1-year limited warranty (90 day-limited on Value King Brand items) and are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship during this time frame. You must information@kingcanopy.com and provide your proof of purchase receipt and photos of the defective part. This does not pertain to any missing or defective parts in 30 day inspection period.

Defective Returns
If you receive a product that is defective and you wish to return it, please contact our customer service department to receive a return authorization number. All items will be passed through quality control before issuing a credit. You will be contacted upon receipt of your returned merchandise and notified whether your return is accepted or not. If not, you will have the option to receive the product back at your expense.

Improper Anchoring, Strong Winds, Rain, Snow, Ice
King Canopy/ PIC America, LTD. does not guarantee these canopies under strong weather conditions (including snow & ice) under any circumstances. These canopies are designed to protect against damages caused by sun, light rain, tree sap, birds, etc. they are not designed to hold roof loads that accompany snow, ice, or heavy rains. If your canopy is anchored incorrectly and is blown away, we will not send any free replacement parts for damages. If you know strong weather is predicted- remove the cover or take down the unit completely. The cover is designed to be quickly and easily removed.

Non-Warranty Replacement Parts
If your warranty expires and you need replacement parts & they can’t be found on www.kingcanopy.com, please contact us at 1.800.800.6296. We stock replacement parts for most of our products. Our customer service department will be pleased to assist you in any way possible. Certain regions of the country are extremely harsh on canopy covers. Normal wear & tear is not covered under warranty, and should be expected. In order to receive a discounted or free replacementpart, you may be asked to return the part, freight, prepaid, to our warehouse for inspection before we will send a replacement. You must, in all cases, provide a copy of your receipt showing the date of purchase, model number and price.

Return Policy
All returns will require a return authorization number (RA). To obtain an RA, please contact our customer service department at 800.800.6296. All returns must be submitted before 30 days of purchase date, located on receipt. Any returns summited after 30 days without an RA number will not be accepted. Credit will be issued upon receipt of product and inspected for damages or excessive wear and tear. The full amount of the product will be credited in the form of original payment minus a 25% restocking fee and shipping and handling.

Safety & Care Information
Always use your best judgment. DO NOT use canopy as a permanent cover. They are for TEMPORARY USE ONLY. Damages due to weather conditions are not warranted. DO NOT set up on a steep incline. Never set up in windy, rainy, or snowy conditions. Canopy is not intended to serve as protection from such conditions. Use for shade only. Disassemble and properly store your canopy after each use. DO NOT let snow or rain accumulate on top. Always use an anchoring system.Keep your canopy away from all fire sources. DO NOT machine wash your top. Mild soap & water with a brush while the canopy is open without the legs extended. DO NOT use harsh detergents or abrasives. DO NOT put away your Instant Canopy while wet or damp. This promotes mildew. Store DRY. For best results in keeping your top clean and avoiding small tears, it is recommended that top be removed and stored in carry bag after each use. Never leave your canopy unattended!